Why You Want To Be a Member of OEL, and How To Get the Most Out of Your Membership!





by | Jul 1, 2022 | Young Living

You have probably noticed that Our Essential Life is an incredible community of women and men who provide excellent education and support for one another. We all come from different backgrounds and have had many life experiences. One thing that unites us is a desire to care for and support ourselves naturally.

One way that we provide support for our team is through events. We have retreats, seminars, and classes. We offer both in-person and online events. Every year, we travel to Salt Lake City for an incredible convention hosted by Young Living, where we get to tour the farm, sample products, and learn endless amounts about all of the various ways we can support wellness through Young Living products. Plus, we get the first scoop of the year’s new products!

Let’s break down the perks of being on our team…

In-person events – We regularly hold classes and gatherings to learn and share the benefits of our oils, supplements, and products. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and check the events sections.

Text Education – We send out monthly classes that you choose straight to your phone! This is a great way to learn bite-size pieces about the exceptional products Young Living offers! Plus, it gives you an immediate place to ask questions.

Retreats – We hold regular retreats at our amazing Cabin on the Falls. These vary from Emotions, Wellness, Raindrop Technique, Hormones, Grief and so many more topics! These are incredible weekends to spend time with each other, learn, rest, and heal!

Online events – Is there anything easier than putting on your most cozy clothes, making yourself a cup of tea or pouring yourself a glass of wine, and participating in an online event? You get to watch, listen, and learn from our fearless leader Dr. Jessica and other excellent teachers with loads of education and experience. Check our events page within Our Essential Life Facebook group!

Access to past events and pieces of training – In our incredible Private Facebook Group, you have access to all the years of education, classes, live events, recipes, and a place to research and ask questions.

The back part of this web page, Our Essential Life university, offers an incredible private website. It has thousands of hours of education, all searchable, organized, and ready for you to get your learning on!! This is an excellent resource for those not on social media or exhausted by how the look of social media can change every minute.

Convention – Every year, thousands of Young Living essential oil lovers travel worldwide to Salt Lake City, Utah, for our annual convention. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best teachers and speakers, sample all of the new (and existing) products and oils, and bond with fellow OEL members and other oilers alike! It’s a blast! Many of our team choose to travel and rent large houses there to spend time celebrating each other!

So why does any of this matter? Can’t you just use your essential oils and get on with your life? Sure, you can, but everyone involved with our events will tell you that connecting with other people in this community is priceless. Not only will you learn something new and unique from the people you meet, but you will make lifelong friendships with like-minded people.

I cannot tell you how many people have expressed how alone they felt on their journey to change their lifestyle for the better. People feel alienated when they change the way they eat. They may feel judged when pulling out an essential oil for their neck tension, and they may get straight-up pushback from family and friends for their new lifestyle choices. It can be lonely!

But when you are surrounded and uplifted by a community of other awesome people with similar goals and visions for their health, it makes all the difference! We loan each other strength, encouragement, straight talk, and practical advice.

I encourage you to join our team, then check out our events and select at least one within the next 3 months to attend. I promise you won’t regret it!!