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Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh has had almost 3 decades of assisting patients in healing naturally through chiropractic and nutritional care. 

Her passion for assisting others in achieving their optimal state of health is amplified by watching families grow and share the tools they have acquired for health, happiness, and success. One of the most sought-after alternative healthcare practitioners in the United States, Dr. Jessica believes that healing comes from within. In order to achieve your fullest, healthiest potential, you must strike a harmonious balance of structure, nutrition, environment and emotions.

While pursuing a degree in pre-med, Dr. Jessica was in a life-changing car accident that would ultimately redefine her view of healthcare. After rigorous chiropractic care, not only did Dr. Jessica see massive structural healing, she also realized that her lifelong struggle with asthma, migraines, and allergies had completely ceased in the process. Walking away from conventional medicine, Dr. Jessica enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic where she obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic in 1994. Ten years later, after having a significant health scare with her second child, Dr. Jessica knew without a doubt she could not holistically and comprehensively help her patients without integrating nutrition into her practice.

Dr. Jessica travels the world visiting and harvesting Young Living farms, constantly gaining first hand experience and education to share with her team at Our Essential Life. While spending time at Young Living’s farm in Ecuador, Dr. Jessica provided chiropractic care to the families of the Young Living Academy’s school for local children and their families. From newborns to toddlers, teenagers, adults, and seniors, Dr. Jessica believes that a new level of wellness is achievable no matter where you are in life. Her client base also includes doctors, politicians, high profile executives, professional athletes, as well as Grammy award-winning recording artists and performers. With ethics, courage, and passion, Dr. Jessica is dedicated to doing everything she can to foster a new generation of healthy, successful, world-changing individuals.

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Marissa Marsh

Originally from Birmingham, AL, Marissa Marsh is a Self Love Wellness Coach. She works through Energy Healing, NLP Mindset Training, and Movement. Marissa began her journey with Young Living in 2013 after injuring herself on the first day of dance classes at Point Park University. Given a six to 10-month recovery time, Marissa sought a way to expedient the rehabilitation process in a holistic manner. After much research, she chose to couple Young Living with Dr. Jessica’s Four Pillars Of Health. She was back to dancing and performing within four months.

Since then, Marissa has used her life experiences and knowledge of Young Living to aid members around the world with their journey to optimal health and wellness. Marissa’s strengths include problem-solving, organizing, and connecting. Her favorite parts of the Our Essential Life Community include the endless educational resources as well as the ability to interact with members from diverse backgrounds.

Marissa is currently based in Meredith, New Hampshire, and can oftentimes be found at her desk diffusing Awaken and Citrus Fresh as well as connecting with members and sipping on NingXia Red mixed with sparkling water and Peppermint Vitality. When she’s not working, Marissa can be found adventuring and traveling the world to grow the Our Essential Life Community.

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Sarah Andrus

Sarah has been using and loving Young Living essential oils since 2013. Having struggled with autoimmune disease and a long list of symptoms and brand new to holistic wellness, under the care, guidance, education and empowerment of Dr. Jessica, she was delighted to discover Young Living’s high-quality, effective products.  Sarah brings a combination of enthusiasm, compassion, fun and humor paired with her research, education, and experience as a leader with Young Living. Her favorite part of the Our Essential Life community is Dr. Jessica’s education and the diversity and connectedness of the members. When she’s not diffusing and applying essential oils (Valor is her favorite), she can be found playing with and caring for her 3 sons, coaching clients, writing, practicing yoga, cooking, or lying on the beaches of Naples, Florida. 

She is also the author of Dr. Jessica’s favorite cookbook – check out her website!

Paige Dykes MS, RD, LD, CRTS, LSH

A lover of all things natural and created by God, Paige Dykes lives in Tuscaloosa, AL, and is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist. Her husband Greg is a chiropractor, and together they have two children, Lexi and Kepler. As a Dietitian, Paige was already focusing on holistic methods to support the body and was extremely selective in what was used in and on her family’s bodies. In the summer of 2013, during a visit for an adjustment, her daughter’s emotions were inconsolable. It was at this time that Dr. Jessica showed up and rubbed Young Living peace and calming essential oil blend on her daughter’s feet. Within seconds, her daughter was calm. This led to more research into Young Living as a company and a membership that would forever change the course of her family’s life by not only helping her daughter’s emotions, but also providing answers that she and her husband had been looking for to fulfill a passion. The community of Our Essential Life provided support from like minded individuals, resources, education, and empowerment for Paige as a new mother. The Young Living business opportunity provided a financial solution and fulfilled a longing to be home with her baby girl. While learning more about essential oils, she felt led to become a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, furthering her ability to assist others in their own health journey. As a leader, Paige uses her strengths to empower others and educate them on taking back their health to have the opportunity to experience life the way God designed. She uses her skills in empathy to listen and encourage individuals while also providing information and education to help empower them. Young Living is woven through and shows up in all areas of Paige’s life. It was an answer to prayer when she needed it most and has provided daily blessings and opportunities to help other people excel in their own faith, health, and abundance.

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Amber Osborne, CRNA, APRN

Currently living in Jacksonville, FL, Amber Osborne is a CRNA and APRN who recently launched Center for Wellness and Longevity.  Amber discovered Young Living in 2014 when she had a 2 year old and was expecting her second daughter. When her two year old sprayed herself in the eyes, while attempting to “help mommy clean”, she put her resources and education to work and discovered that many products she used every day presented short term and long term risks such as cancer, endocrine disruption, and hormone imbalance.

After much research, she came to trust Young Living with her day to day household and beauty products. After cessation of her husbands migraines, her and her daughter’s eczema, and elimination of seasonal allergic type symptoms there was no going back.  With a strong family history of autoimmune illness and cancer she considers these choices a “risk reduction” lifestyle.

Since then Amber has helped hundreds around the nation discover their optimal health.  She has recently launched her new and exciting wellness center where she (and her amazing team) will impact thousands, showing them how to support their body and discover health and beauty from the inside out. Amber is happy to have reached her mid 40s in optimal shape, and to have her 70 year old parents free from medications and healthier than they have been in decades.

Amber brings a strong background in science and medicine as well as pure passion for health and wellness of her communities to her leadership with Our Essential Life. She is extremely thankful for the wide range of personalities and experience without our community, allowing us to multiply the number of people we can usher into healthy living!  Dr. Jessica brings incredible knowledge and experience, and has connected with like-minded members across the world!

When Amber isn’t busy helping others in her anesthesia and wellness practice, you can find her playing on the water with her two girls and husband, gardening, or playing with her Yorkiepoo and Great Dane.  If you get close enough you will smell a fabulous combination of Endoflex and Valor.  When she gets dressed up for a symphony with hubby, she finds romance in our Amoressence or Rose and Sensation blends.

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Hansi Gerold-Murphy, HN, DOMP

Hansi first became interested in the complementary health field in the early eighties before her daughters were born. Mostly she wanted to have a healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby like most new parents. This was the beginning of a journey that has led her through many interrelated fields such as Holistic Nutrition, Touch for Health, Reiki, Osteopathy and more recently Aromatherapy and the Raindrop Technique.

She was introduced to Young Living in 2014 after responding to a friends’ social media post and immediately bought a wellness bundle. At that time Hansi had been using other brands of essential oils and right away noticed a difference in the quality of Young Living oils. She was excited to learn about the emotional blends, some of which were included in the kit. Hansi was all in!

She loves the community of kind, caring, like-minded people she’s found in Our Essential Life and Young Living in general. And as Dr. Jessica’s vision of health and wellness is so close to hers it’s been easy to incorporate Young Living into both her personal and professional life. As a leader, Hansi brings empathy and compassion along with her years of experience in the complementary health field to the community.

Hansi practices in the village of Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia where she lives with her husband and their Alaskan Malamute Kevin.

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Emily Marsh

Emily Marsh grew up feet in the dirt, in Birmingham, Alabama. Emily was diagnosed with an exceedingly uncommon blood disorder at a very young age. With the help of her mother, Dr. Jessica Dietrich Marsh the four pillars of health were born to create structure and wellness. When Young Living was brought home in 2013. She knew this would be another amazing step in her health journey. These products have been a vital part of maintaining wellness. Proving to this day that the four pillars of health can do anything.

Emily currently lives in Santa Barbara, California, often found on the beach wearing Joy and Orange. Her favorite part about Our Essential Life is the family it creates (online and in-person) and the constant influx of knowledge about bettering your world. Emily’s strengths include critical thinking, cooking, managing kiddos, singing, enthusiasm, connecting, and sharing the passion of products.

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Mallory Jackson

Mallory lives in North Alabama with her adventurous toldder, Asher, and their overgrown toy poodle, Pearl.

After being faced with a personal health crisis in her teenage years, Mallory was introduced to Dr.Jessica who began instructing her on the importance of the 4 pillars of health. These pillars provided the foundational solutions which lead to Mallory experiencing relief from what was once presented to be a lifelong diagnosis. This experience encouraged Mallory to quickly dive in for more knowledge and start changing things up regarding her diet and lifestyle.

While she focused on the health and structural aspects of wellness, Mallory was still missing the tool to fully support her emotional wellness and environment. In 2013, Mallory was introduced to Young Living after first trying other essential oil brands and being unimpressed. A few minutes after the first few drops of Purification hit her skin, Mallory was a believer. She grabbed her wellness bundle, started applying and diffusing, and was hooked. She quickly made a list of friends and family who she thought could benefit from the Young Living products based on stories they had shared with her. Her passion to help others mixed with her love of being a self-proclaimed solution seeker, and personal understanding of how it feels to not know where to turn next, drives Mallory to educate others on the benefits of empowering themselves to support their 4 pillars of health.

When Mallory is not slinging oils or hosting her quarterly make-and-takes with her oily friends, you can more than likely find her chasing the sunshine, playing in the garden with Asher, photographing a waterfall, throwing a ball with Pearl, or planning a trip to a National Park. Although she deems it impossible to pick her “favorite” oils without listing a minimum of 40-50,  her daily perfume of Hope, Harmony, Valor, Stress Away, and White Angelica would be hard to go without.

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