How to Utilize Essential Oils to Help Achieve a Relaxed Pregnancy





by | May 8, 2023 | Young Living

Pregnancy is an amazing thing for your body and soul to experience, but it can sometimes leave mommas feeling tired, stressed, or anxious!

With these ideas and products, you’ll have an easier time relaxing into the beautiful sensations that come with pregnancy – all while feeling your best.

1. Relieve tension. Treat yourself to a prenatal massage or foot rub with our Relaxation™ Massage Oil. Your body will thank you for it! Most therapists will gladly use your oil instead of theirs, and until your belly is too big, taking the 3-5 min each night to rub this into your feet is well worth the effort!

2. Drink up. Remember: You’re hydrating for two now, and let’s face it; water can be boring. Make it minty-fresh water with a drop of Spearmint Vitality essential oil or try a drop of Lemon Vitality essential oil instead. Also, if you feel like you’re running to the bathroom every few minutes, add some Redmond Real Salt to your water!

3. Pregnancy can bring an extra sensitive nose! I recommend keeping a bottle of Purification Oil in your purse. When you encounter a bad smell, pull these oils out and sniff, slowly breathing in and out.4. Get more sleep! Make sure to have all the pillows to support you while sleeping. I find Peace & Calming®  on the legs at night before bed can often turn those achy charlie horse-prone limbs back into comfortable legs that don’t wake you up! After you apply the oils, try some light stretching before bed and diffuse SleepyIze for a restful nighttime routine.

5. If you are feeling restless, it’s time to journal! Take a moment and write out what makes you nervous, whom you want with you as your support team, what you want to change, and what you love. Movement always helps calm the mind. Try some light yoga. Add in Grounding to help refresh your mind.

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