How To Support Your Hair From Within





by | Jun 27, 2022 | Young Living

You have probably seen a myriad of products on the market for hair growth, and they usually include some type of chemical-laden topical application that will inevitably wreak havoc on your body. What many of us do not realize, though, is that hair growth is mostly an inside job.

We want to look at two of the root cause (see what I did there?) of hair loss: illness and stress.

One of the first ways we can look at hair loss is that it will shed anytime our bodies are exposed to a virus or stressor… usually 3 to 6 months after that stressor has occurred. Our body instinctively wants to shed what it doesn’t recognize or need. This is not a bad thing! In fact, it’s a good thing! When we halt the innate process with synthetic chemicals and medications thinking the quick fix is the answer, or apply stuff to the head when the issues are on the inside, things may appear as though they are better, but the body and the “condition” will get worse.

The other factor in hair loss is stress. We know that this will play on our emotions and can create psychosis, depression, anxiety, and delusions. In a high-stress state, our hormones will react to protect the body (fight or flight response). It’s a good thing we have these built-in protections, but it’s what we choose to do with them that makes a huge difference. There are plenty of options to help your body detox safely and rebalance naturally.

Here is an effective protocol to help combat each of these issues:
Sulfurzyme powder 1 tbsp per day (more on this below)
• Young Living Lemon Vitality essential oil in a capsule to help flush the liver
Ningxia Red 2oz a day – this specifically will help build tissues back up and support clean blood!
Cedarwood, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol and Northern Lights Black Spruce as a hair tonic. You can add these to your conditioner or shampoo or make a spray with about 15 drops each in a 2oz bottle with distilled water and a splash of witch hazel.

Also, massage Cedarwood on your scalp at night!

So why Sulfurzyme?? Well, to know that answer let’s dive into MSM.

What is MSM?
MSM is an excellent way to naturally support your body from the inside. This compound plays an essential role in human nutrition and is often overlooked. MSM stands for methyl-sulfonyl-methane. It’s a nonmetallic sulfur compound that occurs wildly in nature. MSM is a white, odorless crystalline material resembling sugar.

Young Living has a remarkable product that contains MSM combined with wolfberry (hello major antioxidants) called Sulfurzyme. Sulfurzyme comes in capsules or a powder, and the powder mixes easily into water. For a double boost to your health, it can be mixed with Ningxia Red!  This product mixes into liquid exceptionally well, making it an excellent choice for children!

And what’s the big deal with the sulfur in this supplement? Sulfur is stored in every cell of the body. Its highest concentrations are stored in the joints, hair, skin, and nails. Sulfur also occurs in the blood and other organs. In mammals, the concentration of MSM in the body’s various storehouses decreases with age, possibly due to changing diet or metabolism. The body uses MSM to create new healthy cells to replace old ones continually. The body uses vitamins and amino acids with MSM in this process. If the body isn’t receiving proper nutrition, including MSM, the body will instead produce weak, dysfunctional cells.

MSM is responsible for:
1. Sulfur – needed to maintain cell membrane permeability (how things come in and out of the cell). Cell permeability is how our essential oils work! This is important to ensure that nutrients are delivered into the cell and toxins and waste products can exit the cell.
2. Energy. Sulfur is a component of insulin, the VERY important hormone regulating glucose uptake by cells for use as energy. Sulfur is also needed for our B vitamins which are needed for normal carbohydrate metabolism. Consider what a sulfur deficiency may do to your metabolism and weight!
3. Structure and Function. Sulfur is a required element found in the proteins of most body tissues: skin, blood vessels, organs, hair, and nails.
4. MSM also supports the immune system and the body’s ability to repair connective tissue.

If you say, “awe, man, I have a sulfa allergy, or I would totally use this.”  Have no fear – this is a different compound. We have more on this subject in our private education group. You can read about it here!

I encourage you to Google “Signs of Sulfur Deficiency” for more information.

Also, remember that we can support our body’s immune system with the foods we eat, the way we move our bodies, the amount of rest we get, and with quality supplements and essential oils. In the same way, we can support our bodies to protect us against illness, we can incorporate habits and practices to manage stress better. Whether taking a hot Epsom bath infused with essential oils, going for a long walk, practicing yoga, or taking deep breaths, we have many tools to help our bodies through stressful times.