Non-Toxic, DIY Bugspray Recipe





by | May 18, 2023 | Young Living

With warmer and longer days approaching, we’ll all be spending more time outside soaking up the vitamin D and sunshine! It’s the best! But we can all agree that the bugs are NOT.

Luckily, there are a lot of oily ways to protect yourself from unwanted bugs and bites.

One cool thing about using essential oils to protect ourselves from insects is that it doesn’t work the same way that conventional bug spray does. DEET, the main chemical compound found in conventional bug sprays, only works on contact, which means until a bug lands on the DEET, nothing will happen.

With oils, insects are actually deterred from the scent altogether, so you don’t have to cover your whole entire body in oils for it to be effective! And once you apply oils to your skin topically, within 20 minutes they are in your bloodstream and affecting every system in the body.

Have you ever heard how people with certain blood types don’t attract bugs as much as others? Well, what do you think happens when your blood contains essential oils that bugs don’t like?

Below is our recommended recipe to help you stay bug-free this season!

1. Mix Insect Repellent and witch hazel (50/50) in a misting spray bottle or put the insect repellent in a 30mL roller bottle and roll it on that way.

2. Store the Insect Repellent Wipes in your go bag to make it easy! These prevent mosquito, flea, and tick bites with easy application.

3. Purification is wonderful for taking care of unwanted bugs! Try diffusing it on your deck or patio to keep them away! Citronella candles are filled with lots of yucky added ingredients so this is all you need! I LOVE the white lantern diffuser for the outdoors!?DIY Itch Stick – In a 10 mL roller, combine 20 drops each of Purification, Copaiba, and Valor. Apply to affected areas!