Abundance – What Does It Mean, and What Oils Can I Use?





by | Jan 16, 2022 | Young Living


Affluence, plenty, prosperity, wealth, thriving…might all be words that come to mind when we hear the word “abundance.”

You may have heard the phrasing “abundance mindset” by now, and I want to invite you to explore this idea in each of our Four Pillars of Health.

What if you had an abundance of feeling good when it comes to the structure of your body? What if you were able to release those aches and pains and truly feel well…in plentiful amounts?

What if you had an abundance of emotional wellness? What if those big emotions that trigger a fight, flight, or freeze response simply floated through you instead of setting up camp and destroying your day? What if you had an abundance of peace?

What if your environment was laced with an abundance of products that enhance and support your well-being rather than tear it down?

What if the theme of your nutrition was “abundance”, and instead of limiting or dieting, you welcomed an abundance of fresh organic foods to nourish you?

Join me in implementing these top essential oils and products to bring abundance into every area of your life. I’d like to extend a challenge to diffuse Abundance essential oil blend daily this month with an intention of attracting abundance into your life.

Abundance in Structure

  • Valor – apply a few drops to the back of your neck
  • Copaiba Vitality – take a drop or two under your tongue to support your body’s response to inflammation
  • AgilEase – promote joint health by supporting healthy cartilage, joint flexibility and mobility, and the body’s healthy response to inflammation after exercise.
  • Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream – great topical application to relieve muscle and joint pain

Abundance in Emotion

  • Release – diffuse or apply to your wrists with Acceptance. Set the intention to release what no longer serves you and accept abundance into your life
  • Acceptance – diffuse or apply to wrists with Release. Set the intention to accept what is needed for your greatest and highest good
  • Peace & Calming – diffuse before bed to promote relaxation and rest
  • Stress Away – apply to wrists when feeling frazzled

Abundance in Environment 

  • Diffuser Blend – 4 drops Palo Santo, 4 drops Lemon, 4 drops Purification – diffuse to promote an uplifting and cleansed atmosphere
  • Thieves Household Cleaner – switch your cleaner to this one-stop-shop that effectively and without toxins cleans everything!
  • Skin and Hair Care – switch your skin and hair care products for our plant-based options that are free from chemicals that damage your health

Abundance in Nutrition

  • DiGize Vitality – apply a drop or two under your tongue after eating to support healthy digestion
  • Life 9 Probiotic – take one in the evenings to support healthy gut bacteria
  • Essentialzymes-4 – take 30 minutes before your largest meal to support your body’s ability to digest your food