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Must Have Oils not in Starter Bundle

I am constantly being asked what are my most requested oils after the starter kit-- without a moments hesitation there should be an order of release, digize and endoflex as your must haves. Then if you run infections often, oregano. Hard time sleeping dream catcher....

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Let Go of Trauma Protocol

How to use Young Living essential oils to let go of trauma: One way to release the emotional trauma that limits us is to 1) identify and feel the emotion, 2) identify and feel the other side of the emotion, and 3) identify the lesson or way out of an uncomfortable...

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Freedom Sleep and Freedom Release Protocol

When life gets tricky, find your balance with the Freedom Sleep™ and Release™ collections bundle while supplies last! You can order these nine relaxation-enhancing essential oils and reset your vibe during even the most hectic days. FREEDOM SLEEP COLLECTION- This...

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PTSD/Brain Injury and Sleep Protocol

Sleep Issues resulting from Post traumatic Stress Disorders and Brain Injuries- from Gary Young "This was Gary’s protocol: For Sleep (foot massage) morning and evening for at least 3 days 1. Inner Child 5 drops/foot 2. Lavender 10 drops/foot 3. Ruta Vala 5 drops/foot...

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Stomach Bug Protocol

Stomach bug protocol for children and adults! Adults: Digize, Thieves, peppermint in navel every 10-20 min. Diffuse peppermint to calm the stomach. Children: Tummygize every 10-20 min

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Gary’s Great Day Protocol

Have you heard of Gary Young's GREAT DAY protocol? Here's the information...who is going to give it a try?! What follows is one of the oldest protocols in Young Living lore. It was introduced in a class taught by Gary Young (founder and president of YL) all the way...

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Immune System Protocol

General Protocol for strengthening your immune system in acute situations: Thieves, ImmuPower, Oregano on your feet Lemon over your liver (or any liver oils) Lemon and/or Frank on your spine I'm acute situations this can be donee every 20-30 minutes until symptoms...

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7th Heaven Protocol

Seventh Heaven Protocol We sometimes experience periods of confusion, uncertainty, and insecurity about our spiritual direction. There are many television programs, books, and people quite willing to tell us how we should think and act. Such an avalanche of...

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Lyme Protocol

Lyme Protocol Put oils in a capsule. 2 Inner defense capsules (3 days per week) 2 ComforTone (use this on days opposite to Inner Defense) 2 Longevity capsules per day 2 Para free capsules per day 3  Life 5 capsules nightly before bed on a empty stomach continue even...

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