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Fun Stuff for New Members!

You got your starter kit! YAYYY!  You may have been to a class or an online event so you have some idea of what oils come in the kit and why you wanted them all.  Or maybe you opened your kit and got totally overwhelmed. Not to worry! We have lots of options for you!

  1. Look around the web site! We have loaded what we hope will give you the confidence to start using all of your Young Living products.
  2. You can sign up for a drip email that will send you ONE email every 2-3 days about one or two of the oils in your kit. This way you can read about it, open it, smell it, use it and get to know it before trying the next one!
    • To get added to that drip email, click HERE
    • It will ask you who your nearest Diamond is! The answer is Monique McLean.
  3. We have a text-based education system that you can join.
    • All information comes in bite-size pieces to your phone! You can pick and choose the classes you want. Each month there will be 3 class options!
    • Click for instructions on joining HERE.

Now Let’s Unbox That Kit!

Click on the Kit you ordered for more information!

• Learn how to apply the roller fitment to the bottle HERE
Which diffuser did you choose with your kit?


Don’t forget to refrigerate and drink your NingXia Red!
  • Young Living has dedicated a whole web site to this awesome product!
    • Click HERE to learn why we call this our NINJA Juice

You Will Need Reference Materials!

There’s a Reference Guide for Essential Oils app for $7.99 that most of us use! Click HERE to order.
If you prefer a physical copy, check out the Essential Oil Pocket Reference or any of the other most awesome reference books HERE

Here are Some Extra Tidbits

Maximize your DOLLARS $$$ by re-ordering SMART on Essential Rewards! Click HERE to read more.
Here are five favorites outside the Premium Starter Kit: Watch HERE

Supplies to Make Your Own Products! Click HERE

To Read More About Dr. Jessica’s Favorite Supplements:
     • Master Formula
     • OmegaGize3
Want to clean your diffuser?
     • Here’s a [hilarious] video on how: Watch HERE
Young Living is word-of-mouth, referral-based company. Share your oily stories and you may find your friends want in too! Give them your member number and when they order a Premium Starter Kit, Young Living will send you a 50$ thank you for the introduction!  Piqued your interest? Read more about how I got started HERE to see how easy it is to share Young Living!
Want to invite your friends over and tell them about YL? Here’s a simple presentation you can duplicate easily at home: Watch HERE