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by | Jan 17, 2022 | Young Living

Hands down one of the BEST daily actions you can take for your health is to drink 2 oz of NingXia Red!


I’m so glad you asked, and I’ll respond with one word: ANTIOXIDANTS.
And a few more words because y’all know I love to teach…

The wolfberries in NingXia Red are extremely high in antioxidants – to give you a picture, 1 ounce of NingXia Red contains the same amounts of antioxidants as 34 large onions, 100 oranges, 814 blueberries, 22 medium carrots, 10.85 pounds of spinach, 55.33 pounds of almonds, 59 broccoli florets, 73 medium strawberries, 93 apples, or 130 tomatoes.  That’s VERY high antioxidant content!

So what’s the big deal with antioxidants? 

What Are Antioxidants?

  • Compounds found in food
  • Stop or slow cell damage
  • Remove waste in our cells (free radicals)
  • Released from foods we eat and drink through the digestive process and travel through the bloodstream and into the cells
  • When paired with essential oils, they more easily penetrate the cells, which is why NingXia Red is so powerful

What Are Free Radicals?

  • Highly reactive compounds
  • Can attach and bind to normal cells
  • Can change healthy cells, such as DNA
  • Can be caused by outside sources (smoking, toxins, etc.)
  • Can be caused by normal metabolism in the body
  • Cell damage is often what leads to cancer and autoimmune disease

What do Antioxidants do to Free Radicals?

  • Bind to them
  • Reduce harm to molecules like DNA
  • Once antioxidants and free radicals are bound, the free radicals are no longer free to bind with (and damage) parts of the cells

What might you notice after incorporating 1-2oz of NingXia Red into your daily routine?

  • The use of Ningxia Red is also linked to enhanced memory capacity and improved brain functions.
  • It promotes better eye health because of its zeaxanthin content. Zeaxanthin is an antioxidant and carotenoid that provides extra protection in preventing macular degeneration that is related to vision loss.
  • Ningxia Red may be useful in enhancing digestive health. Two of its ingredients, the plums, and blueberries, are rich in fibers that are known for their abilities to improve digestive functions.
  • Overall immune function
  • Energizing – not the kind of energy you get from caffeine, the kind you get from nourishing your cells.

Have you heard about our NingXia Red Challenge and the chance to win a free month’s supply?

Here’s how…
1. Pick any 10 consecutive days in February 2022 to drink 2oz of NingXia Red
2. Post a picture of your drink in the Our Essential Life Facebook group each day, telling us if you’re drinking it straight or what you’ve added to it!