Remedy Test


Remedy Test is a method of testing your hair to see what foods, hormones, toxins, nutrients, organs, and more are under stress. It will also recommend a bioenergetic match to help heal these deficits.

So, how does it work? Everything is sent to you to perform this test at home. You will provide a hair specimen that will be sent back to our labs for results.

Once you’ve purchased your kit, schedule a phone consult with me here. Please give a two-three week lead time to receive the testing box, obtain the sample and send it back for results.

Your body has multiple systems designed to keep you healthy and vital. When your body hurts, shows symptoms, or just doesn’t feel well, these systems are failing. If you learn how these systems comprehensibly work, if you understand how your body differs, and if you make informed decisions based on this knowledge, you can live well for most of your years.